Introducing Sweet Basil

Sweet Basil Dressing/Marinade

Basil, in Greece, is considered a spiritual plant. Most every Greek family we know has a Basil Plant growing in a pot somewhere in or near their home. Not for consumption, only for Luck and good vibes. Basil is from the Greek "Vassilikos or "Of the King". When the cross of Jesus was taken down, Basil was found at the base in a cross shape. Greeks usually don't eat or use Basil in cooking as it is representative of this occasion. When they do, the preferred combination of Basil is tomatoes, Feta cheese, onions, or, a tomato sauce used as a base for anything.
Basil grows abundantly and is a hearty, earthy and sweet herb for tea, salads, stews, soups, also use as an elixir in homeopathic aromatherapy, boiling basil and inhaling its therapeutic essence. The name "Bill" is Vassili. A holy name.
Our label designer Bill Demitropoulos is such a person, we thank him for reflecting the sustenance of the name.
For us, the choice was a delicious tasty Salad Dressing and food Marinade for basting on chicken while cooking, or marinating overnight, chops, meats and with some fresh chopped basil as an addition, by itself, a pasta sauce with Mizithra cheese, a Greek cheese much like Parmesan.
As in all our dressings, Only 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil is used. "No other Oils." We believe you will experience a flavour different from any other's when you experience Strompolos' Authentic Greek Dressings, Sweet Basil flavour.
"ENDAXI" , All is well.

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