Time for Greek Balsamic

Greek Balsamic!!!

Why is it Greek? We took our classic Authentic Greek Dressing and added Real Modena Balsamic Vinegar, more Greek Mountain Oregano, Mixed red, black and white crushed peppercorns, Greek Basil for good body, more Fresh squeezed Garlic, Ionian Sea Salt and something special. And…it’s made by Strompolos, no more Greek than that. As always, and for all our dressings, Only Extra Virgin Olive Oil, “No other oils used” Healthy and Tasty. Different than other Balsamic dressings cause it’s Greek Style. For salads, soups, sandwiches, pasta’s and marinade or brushing for meat, chicken, other poultry, fish, Veggie's, Pizza dip, and the Perfect bread dip.  I have a friend who uses it on his Popcorn…? To each, their own.

Enjoy our robust and full bodied, carefully made, and different, dressing recipe’s. 


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