How our friend uses Authentic Greek

First flavour treat in the morning and last lingering taste at night.
What a true discovery we never thought of. Friend Chris Kotsiopoulos called for a bottle of Yiayia's Special Spices. He mentioned he uses so much because he has his eggs in the a.m. with Yiayia's Special Spices on the Strompolos' Authentic Greek Dressing sautéed breakfast potatoes and over his eggs he has with his breakfast.

Image added of Chris' Morning Eggs and Potatoes with Yias Spices!Eggs

He has popcorn with his movie watching every night and makes his popcorn in Extra Virgin Olive Oil until popped, then adds a little Yiayia's Special Spices over it and drizzles Extra Virgin Olive oil on top. We're going to try it tonight, but he LOVES it.
We will try cooking the popcorn in Strompolos' Authentic Greek Dressing as the cooking oil and finishing it with Yiayia's Spices. Exciting to us!!!! We'll keep you posted on the next blogstromp.

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