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Special Collections and Bundles

Our intentions are to get our healthy and tasty products to our loyal supporters as inexpensively as possible. It's with this in mind that we have created the "Bundles", or at least 3 products out of our 7 products, as the shipping is about the same for 1 or 2 products as it is for three.

Our YIAYIA, or Grandmother wanted to send her recipe's to everyone for free. We assured her we couldn't do that, but would offer the best prices possible on all her products. When you buy her/our products, it’s the same price to ship one item as it is for 3 items. She argued, but we told her we wanted to make things comfortable for her on her return to the village she was born in Greece to relax the rest of her life.  After grumbling a bit, she agreed.

So here they are. Use the bundles, or if you don’t, pick up any 3 items.

3 products