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About us

Xiropigado, Greece

Not far from our beautiful and pristine seaside Village of Xiropigado, on the Peloponnese of Greece, is a bounty of Greek Oregano, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Red Wine Vinegar, Pepper, Garlic and Ionian Sea Salt

This is where our family began ​their optimistic and difficult journey to America and where the recipe's for our Dressings and Spice mixes were born and raised.

Our Dressings are direct descendants of our Great Great Grandmother, Eleni, who passed them down through many years of incredible Greek salads, chicken and potatoes and in our traditional Sunday family dinners and celebrations. Family, sharing, love and good health were her dreams, and became ours. She showed us the importance of classic, natural recipes and ingredients.  

We find, on the retailers shelves, hundreds of  bottles of dressings and marinades made with unhealthy, toxic Hexane gas processed oils, like soy, corn and canola and  loaded with chemical ingredients that increases shelf life, resulting in cheaply made, long lasting and very unhealthy products.  We are not these dressings.

Healthy food and ingredients are disappearing, so Yiayia’s natural recipes needed to be offered. ​ 
We only use alive, natural, healthy and life enhancing  extra virgin olive oil, proven by healers, doctors and nutritionists for over 4000 years with healing and positive results in many forms.


Good Health and Clean, nutritious food is ageless, timeless and never out of fashion 100% EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL

High Fructose
Corn Syrup Free
Yeast free
Soy & Soy Lecithin free
Tree nuts & Peanuts free
Toxic Hexane Gas Free
Wheat free 
No Canola Oil
No Corn Oil
No Soy Oil
No Food Dyes
No Chemicals Additives or Preservatives in Recyclable glass bottles 
Crafted in small batches for quality control

Love, Joy and Good Health to you and your family from ours

Embraced by the powerful and beautiful rich history, culture and landscape of our family's roots, we are rich.