Life is Good! Live Every Day! Carpe Diem! YES!

There are dark secrets in our living that stop us from knowing, appreciating and being grateful for a healthy and enjoyable life. Like our individual mountains and walls we have created and society presents us with, operates out of an unhealthy greed for the dollar.

Because the list is so long, we have concentrated on the one that drives us totally to what and who we are. FOOD! Vegetable Oils, additives, preservatives. Feeding ourselves with the medicine of food, or destroying the quality of our health and lives with our unhealthy diets advertised for the sake of money from the disgusting manufacturers, pharmaceutical and chemical companies of our world. Extra Virgin Olive has been recognized after hundreds of millions of uses as a healing, living, nutritionally sound gift from the earth and olive farmers. 4000 years of analysis and positive results, used in the greatest of ways.

Is this a plug for our healthy extra virgin olive oil ONLY dressing passion? Well, yes!!! We are proud of our ability to pass on the healthy and tasty dressing recipe’s from our family’s own intake and all the villages of Greece, where some people live for over 100 years.

The dressings on the shelf available today in your face mostly are crap. Full of pesticides, gmo’s, additives and preservatives to get more shelf life, to make a lot of product that will hold up in their warehouses until they are shipped to stores to lay on the shelves for as long as it takes. YOU suffer for this, YOU are the victims, YOU should be the author of your good health by not purchasing this crap of
the world. Make HEALTHY choices. Be aware.

On our next BlogStromp, We will list the additives and preservative ‘s and slow killers to avoid on the labels.

Watch out, here we come, no mercy, hurt someone else’s products and greed….YES!!
Good health is in your choices, listen up.

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