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Strompolos Foods

Welcome to our home and our family’s Authentic Greek Dressings, Marinades & Spice Mixes

“No Other Oils Used”

Strompolos' Authentic Greek Dressing

What is Strompolos Foods?

Our family has been making these recipes for generations.  We noticed that healthy food and clean and tasty ingredients are disappearing. Our history of family gatherings with the best and healthiest of foods was enjoyed daily. We felt our family's and Yiayia’s natural recipes needed to be offered.  We only use alive, natural, healthy and life-enhancing extra virgin olive oil, proven by healers, doctors and nutritionists for over 4000 years with healing and positive results in many ways. This realization began the offering of our foods to our friends and neighbors, then developed into what is now Strompolos Foods, our recipes, sustenance and sharing for over seven generations. 

This is what Strompolos has to offer!

Strompolos' Authentic Greek Dressings

Our family's best food forward, our all extra virgin olive oil dressing and marinade. 7 Generations of our celebrations of life created the beginning of our company. This is the healthy choice of most all dressings available. Join our family's table and decorate your life and food with our joy of life's great culinary adventure.

Our Dressings

Yiayia's Special Spices

"Makes everything taste better". A  healthy life is a happy life. Yiayia's Secret Spices, Fresh ground black pepper, Onion, Garlic, Mountain grown Greek Oregano, Greek Ionian Sea Salt and, barely recognizable Greek Mint, for an undescribable addition to our flavor body. It's a secret, so shhhh.!
Yiayia says "Sit, and Eat".

Our Spices

Healthy food equals healthy life!

Stavros cooking at the Whole Foods cooking school. We want to show how easy it is to use our foods to make easy, healthy and comfortable food choices. Our products create and add flavor and nutritional sustenance to food.  We have recipes that are made from our products and soon a book of those recipes will be online.

Stavros' Blog

Sustainability - our Mission!

Read about our mission

Stavros' Blog

My first personal blog!

My first personal blog!

Ah! My first blog. I can't help but letting loose the passion for originally starting this business. All extra virgin olive oil dressings. What a ...
What is Strompolos Foods?

What is Strompolos Foods?

Strompolos means "stout and strong".  The grand history of the evolution of the Greek doctrine of "Live every day" and Why seemed embedded in our lives. Socrates, the great Greek philosopher said: "A life not questioned is a life not worth living."


There are dark secrets in our living that stop us from knowing, appreciating and being grateful for a healthy and enjoyable life. Like our individual mountains and walls we have created and society presents us with, operates out of an unhealthy greed for the dollar.


How our friends uses Authentic Greek

How our friends uses Authentic Greek

First flavour treat in the morning and last lingering taste at night. What a true discovery we never thought of.
Strompolos' Fisherman's Stew

Strompolos' Fisherman's Stew

Here is what I call Strompolos' Fisherman's Stew! You will be blown away! Check this out!
Strompolos' Barbecued or Grilled Ravioli

Strompolos' Barbecued or Grilled Ravioli

Ingredients: Fresh or frozen ravioli (I use the larges ones stuffed with feta and spinach) Chopped parsley Feta Cheese (garnish) Strompolos’ Gree...


I'm a recent transplant from Chicago to Carmel, CA, and I just ran out of the last bottle of lemonaki dressing that I brought with me! What can I say, I'm a big fan!

How do I get more?? :)


My name is Amy and I am writing to say how amazing your dressings marinades are. I find myself buying them all the time. I'm definitely a lifelong fan. Do you ever have coupons? Thanks, and keep up the great work!


As a Greek who introduced Yia Yis's Special Spices to my Wife, I have created a Monster. She will NOT use any others and we are running out.



We love your Papou's seasoning and use it on our steaks all the time! My wife is greek and even my pethara approved of the seasoning. I usually pick up Papou's at our local Caputos, but recently haven't been able to find it. Can I purchase some directly from here? Thank you so much!


Hi Steve! I just wanted to let you know I just bought the last 3 bottles of Greek dressing from whole foods in orland park. Please let me know when you restock thanks!


The Strombolis "lemonaki" marinade and salad dressings are the best tasting, ever. I contacted them directly to find out where their products could be purchased and they responded immediately. Great personal customer service. They offer a lower salt version which is delicious. Great to have new products to choose from, and I understand, they can be purchased at Whole Foods.


I used to buy your delicious dressing at the Gurnee Jewel.  Now they don't carry it despite my written suggestion! 

I see on your website that Marianos is an authorized seller but I do not find it at our Gurnee store.  Can you please help?

Best bottled dressing in the world, I have to have it!! 


I ordered 3 bottles a few months ago and I would like to purchase another 3-4 more. I tried ordering on,I've but the site is not working.  I became addicted to yr dressing when I lived in Chicago and still love it now that I am in Brooklyn.