What's in YOUR salad dressing?

What’s in YOUR Salad Dressing?

In 1998 while enjoying a regular Sunday dinner with the family, we ran out of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), a staple of our Yiayia Strompolos’ (grandmother’s) cupboard and our Greek village’s tasty and healthy salad dressing recipe. On a run to the local supermarket to pick up some EVOO, we noticed there weren’t any pre-made Greek style salad dressings made with only extra virgin olive oil. ONLY EVOO. The dressings available included only unhealthy vegetable oils as the base.  We decided to make our own.

What we found on our journey to making our healthy dressing was disturbing. The salad dressings on the shelf were all made with vegetable oils whose seed oils had been extracted by toxic chemicals, mainly hexane gas, one of the most toxic gases ever created. We also discovered that the oils seeds were genetically modified, an additional and proven unhealthy and unnecessary toxic process and were resistant to glyphosate, another toxic chemical, since banned from food use but still available for killing insects and contributing to the earth’s toxification. Consuming seed oils produced by this method leads to inflammation, cellular death, and a host of other diseases that plague us. We wanted to bring attention to this poisoning of our food chain. 

Good health and healthy food influencers, doctors, scientists, researchers, and nutritionists know this well. This critical information has been hidden from you, the consumer, by paid lobbyists, influencers, verbal manipulators, chemical companies, and salad dressing manufacturers. Further, the corporately influenced FDA allows the residue of toxic gases and plastic particle residue to remain in the dressings and oils. It has become a sham of negligence and greed.

Imagine the over 30 trillion engines/cells in our body, constantly being drowned in toxic vegetable oil so profusely that they cannot absorb food’s nutrition. The cells soon die as we do, should we not receive proper nutrition. Consequently, our immune systems are attacked and challenged and produce inflammation to protect us. We, our livestock, and Mother Earth’s soil fall into most every disease known to humans, then premature death and disruption to our naturally evolving food chain. Rachel Carson, in her bestselling and landmark book, "Silent Spring", is a critical read for anyone interested in the imbalance of chemical effects on the entire spectrum of “Earth to Us”.


The oil deception began in 1971, motivated by profit and ego, deceiving the public about healthy fats. These companies encouraged us to change from animal fat deemed “unhealthy” to vegetable oils produced with toxic hexane gas. Suddenly, for profits and the misguided, profit motivated urgings from the industries of “Vegetable Oils” or the corn, soy, canola, sunflower, safflower, cottonseed, grapeseed producers, toxic vegetable oil extraction began. The addition of chemicals, additives, and preservatives to extend storage and shelf life were introduced as well. A process that has challenged our existence. This is known in the scientific, nutritional, good health focused and medical world as:

“The worst, irreversible disaster in the history of our earth and its people” #1

How in the world could this happen …?

The oils are extracted from the plant’s seeds with liquid, poisonous hexane gas and other similar poisonous chemicals. This process increases oil yields. The seeds are crushed, soaked, and agitated in the toxic liquid gas until they turn to mush. The mush and the oil are then steamed to 300 degrees, to supposedly clean out the toxic gas residue in the oil. This temperature changes the molecular structure of the oil, making it nutritionally barren and chemically dangerous. Hundreds of scientific and medical tests substantiate this. The toxicity is rarely completely removed. The FDA has allowed the poison to remain in the oil. They are lobbied to and paid for by every industry monetarily involved in the deadly process. The entire process is neither regulated, measured, nor are the results of the toxic residue recorded or known. Scientific investigations find that 2-9% of the toxic hexane residue remains in the oil from this extraction method and in your salad dressings and other foods and frying. The supposedly “cleaned” and nutritionally barren mush is then fed to the animals we use for food. Factory farms are the most severe toxic offenders. There are hundreds of solvent extraction factories and factory farms all over the world.

This toxic extraction method chokes, drowns, and damages our cells, making it difficult, if not impossible, to absorb nutrition. The cells slowly die then create inflammation that turns into every disease we suffer from: diabetes, heart disease, cancers, organ and gland failure, obesity, allergies, and dementia, to name a few. The effects and results are worse for children. Women suffer hormonal imbalances, endocrine disruptions, stunted brain development, all preventing homeostasis, the ability of our body to heal itself. This horrible breakdown of the biochemical evolution of our planet is a biocide redefining the human species and elements that support the natural evolution intended by nature. These procedures and toxic chemicals, created by chemical corporations, food manufacturers and businesses selling the products have been proven to compromise our livestock’s health, crops, seed health, healthy soil, water cycles, and our Earth.




AVOID ALL PLASTIC BOTTLES…They slowly disintegrate into microscopic crystals and leach into the dressing, which worsens their already unhealthy nutritional chemistry. Beware of the chemicals and preservatives listed. ( See list below). Many top selling dressings are toxic with their added chemicals, plastic bottles and vegetable oil. It’s confirmed by science studies that we all eat one credit card (5 Grams) of plastic each week in our diets from the rampant disregard for the consequences of plastic toxicity.

BE AWARE of DECEPTIVE LABELING…Watch for labels stating that a dressing has healthy oils inside and advertised on the front label for perceptive value, when, in fact, the healthy oils are used in a miniscule way and are mixed with unhealthy vegetable oils. The first item on the “ingredients list” has the most volume, required by the inadequate and corporately influenced FDA.

AVOID GMO’S …The USDA states 91% of corn, 98% of soybeans and 96% of canola seeds and their oils are genetically modified. Repeated use generates toxicity and irreparable damage in your cells. In Jeffrey Smith’s “Seeds of Destruction”, the quintessential beginning of the unveiling of the horrid toxicity of genetically modified seeds and oils and the toxic chemicals, like Glyphosate,  that support their applications.  The book chronicles their deadly rampage inside and outside the human/animal element and the Earth’s soils.

The progress of good health goals has become an experiment for profit directed and not independently tested, genetic and chemical experiments and manipulators. It has never been proven that additives, chemicals, preservatives, genetic modification, or toxic seed oil extraction provide any benefits, only to the companies that use them for financial advantage in their storage methods and for long shelf life. This long shelf life is at great financial, ecological and health cost and has created a dramatic, irreversible chemical pandemic and health disaster.

The truth of our health concerns and the relentless chemical ecocide, terracide, biocide are hidden for monetary reasons.

AVOID VEGETABLE OILS and any dressings with additives, preservatives and chemicals that are in 95% of all commercial, store shelved plastic bottled and some glass bottled dressings as well as other sauce and condiment products and fry oils:

  1. Annatto & Vanillin
  2. Artificial Flavors & Colors
  3. BHT & BHA
  4. Calcium Disodium
  5. Calcium Propionate
  6. Calcium Sorbate
  7. Carrageenan
  8. Dextrose, Sucrose, Sucralose
  9. Disodium Inosinate
  10. Excessive Sodium
  11. Food, Drug and Cosmetic (FDC)
  12. High Fructose Corn Syrup
  13. Hydrogenated oils
  14. Hydrolyzed Soy Protein
  15. Mono and Diglycerides
  16. Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
  17. Natural flavorings “Natural” is not defined nor regulated
  18. Paprika Oil & Maltodextrin
  19. Potassium Bisulfate
  20. Potassium Sorbate
  21. Propyl & Methyl paraben
  22. Sodium Benzoate
  23. Sodium Bi Sulfate
  24. Sodium Nitrites & Nitrates
  25. Sodium Propionate
  26. Sodium Sulfite
  27. Sorbic Acid & Yeast Extract
  28. Sulfites (Sulfur Dioxide)
  29. Tetrasodium EDTA
  30. Titanium Dioxide


These important realities are discovered to urge you to take action, to awaken and be concerned, as this is real, right in front of your eyes and lives and to be aware, for you, your family, loved ones, the earth, and all on it and for our lives best lived, as Mother Earth is angry of our disregard and slowly shaking us off.

We “Need to Heed“ the signs that bleed us of our rights to exist in a healthy, joyful and positive way.


Take action, 

Help save our planet and everything that's on it.

Discover, Know,

"What's in YOUR Salad Dressing"

We can do it.




Supporters of a healthy food chain and of the existing damage and danger in vegetable oil and toxic seed oil extraction methods:

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