Introducing Lemonaki Dressing

Introducing Lemonaki Dressing

“LEMONAKI“ A little lemon “LEMONAKI”

Next to the olive tree, in Greece, lemons and the lemon crop are an important part of a Mediterranean lifestyle. There are thousands of uses, in and out of the body and lives of appreciators.

To create another variation of our daily diet of Salad and Veggies, at every meal, we add lemon juice and Greek mountain picked Thyme to our Original dressing and a lighter White wine vinegar for a yummy, lemon flavoured dressing, marinade and sauce. With a touch of garlic, Ionian Sea Salt and fresh ground pepper, it gives us this easy food help in our kitchen, a gracious, subtle nuance to many, many foods.

Our favourite is to brush/marinade chicken, overnight, roast with potatoes and brush LEMONAKI over as the potatoes and chicken are roasting, for the classic Greek Chicken and Potatoes. This is just one favourite way to enjoy.

We will be sharing many free recipes for a healthy, happy life, with many flavours, in many ways. Explore and Enjoy!!

“Let thy Food be your medicine, and medicine be thy food”

Hippocrates, born 460 bc, the Greek physician of the Age of Pericles and Father of Natural Medicine and Medical treatment.

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.”

“Life is short, the art, long”

Live Every Day !!!

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