What is Strompolos Foods?

Our finest family recipe's for all 5 Strompolos' Authentic Greek Dressing/Marinades and Yiayia's and Papou's spice mixes come from a culinary heritage in our Village of Vervena (Yiayia or Grandmother) and Pigadakia (Papou or Grandfather) in the central Peloponnese of Greece. Before that, our family emigrated from the Island of Crete where the Strompolos Mountains ring the Capitol of Iraklion.
Strompolos means "stout and strong".  The grand history of the evolution of the Greek doctrine of "Live every day" and Why seemed embedded in our lives. Socrates, the great Greek philosopher said: "A life not questioned is a life not worth living."
Coming from those philosophies has given our roots truth, strength, a desire to enjoy the beauty of life and eating great food, one of the key elements of that doctrine.  The origin of the "Mediterranean Lifestyle" and Diet as contemporaries know it.
Our family, at gathering times, mealtimes, baptisms, weddings, birthday, almost any celebration one could fathom and some at the spur of the moment, just to pinch oneself and others to keep us aware that life is being lived in love and harmony each day.
This dressing and spice formula's are a collaboration of those festivities, gatherings and an awareness of the good things in life for the last 5 generations. Extra Virgin Olive oil, the only oil used in our dressings, represents a solid basis of life's living energy, tested and used for over 4000 years as a medicine and solid nourishment in many ways.
The Olympians in the early creation would rub themselves down in Olive oil to gain that last drop of energy before they went into competition.
Enjoy all our passions and life forces we put into the intentions of our products.
Celebrate Life Every Day!!!

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