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What is Strompolos Foods?

Our finest family recipe's for all 5 Strompolos' Authentic Greek Dressing/Marinades and Yiayia's and Papou's spice mixes come from a culinary heritage in our Village of Vervena (Yiayia or Grandmother) and Pigadakia (Papou or Grandfather) in the central Peloponnese of Greece. Before that, our family emigrated from the Island of Crete where the Strompolos Mountains ring the Capitol of Iraklion. Strompolos means "stout and strong".  The grand history of the evolution of the Greek doctrine of "Live every day" and Why seemed embedded in our lives. Socrates, the great Greek philosopher said: "A life not questioned is a life not worth living."Coming from those philosophies has given our roots truth, strength, a desire to enjoy the beauty of life and...

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How our friends use Strompolos Foods family products?

First flavour treat in the morning and last lingering taste at night.What a true discovery we never thought of. Friend Chris Kotsiopoulos called for a bottle of Yiayia's Special Spices. He mentioned he uses so much because he has his eggs in the a.m. with Yiayia's Special Spices on the Strompolos' Authentic Greek Dressing sautéed breakfast potatoes and over his eggs he has with his breakfast. He has popcorn with his movie watching every night and makes his popcorn in Extra Virgin Olive Oil until popped, then adds a little Yiayia's Special Spices over.

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My first personal blog!

Ah! My first blog. I can't help but letting loose the passion for originally starting this business. All extra virgin olive oil dressings. What a concept. Something I've been eating all my life. Nothing new, nothing questioned, roots, history, the only way, nothing else.  As I dug or was presented with the way things are now with unhealthy oils, cooked to uselessness oils wreaking havoc on our health and lives and the earth, I was enraged. Who would listen, who cares. Who does? Over the last 17 years, I felt lost in the maze of ignorance and deception that big business, chemical companies, greedy corporations and individuals trampling needlessly over the health of all of us, the earth, our animals,...

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